SMS Payment Reminders

SMS Payment Reminders Pay for Themselves

Improve on-time payments, reduce cancels and automate customer payments

A text message costs a few cents to deliver, but it can save your agency real dollars in accounting and collection costs.  Instantly let your customers know when a policy payment is approaching, due or past due.  Send convenient payment reminders the day before their policy payment is due and send payment confirmations to let them know how much you appreciate their business.



With QuotePro’s SMS payment solution you can send a link to your customer’s phone and automate the entire process to reduce your agencies overall costs and provide a convenient payment option for your policy holders.  With our custom templates, flexible delivery options and comprehensive analytics you can count on your important message reaching your policy holder.


Key Facts about SMS messaging:

  • Fraction of the cost of mail and telephone calls
  • Five times higher open rate than email
  • Instantly notify your policy holders when a payment is ready or overdue
  • Embed a direct link to your web portal to simplify payment
  • Send convenient confirmations, changes or other messages to increase satisfaction
  • Integrates directly with your QuotePro Suite of products you already use at your agency