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Alternative Financial Services


Reduce your cashiering costs with a QuotePro Kiosk

We make it easy to cost effectively serve your customers from cashing a check to paying a bill.  Accept cash, checks, debit and credit cards safely, securely and without human error.  All kiosks are multilingual in English and Spanish and even make change.

Customers can pay multiple bills at the kiosk.

Accept cash and makes change

Also take checks, credit and debit cards

Our Solutions
How can we help you?

QuotePro offers the following solutions for alternative financial service providers:


  • Customized branding
  • Accepts cash, makes change and doubles as an ATM
  • Accepts check and card payments
  • Armored car cash collection
  • Custom receipts
  • Automated, comprehensive reconciliation reporting
  • Live video chat feature
  • Bilingual capabilities, both English and Spanish

Customers can even get change at the kiosk!

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